Visiting Kota Bharu by Car

Kota Bharu is a great place to dive in Malaysia as it has several favorable spots for diving and snorkeling. As a big fan of diving deep sea, I used to dive in Andaman Islands, India. Though, my parents never allowed diving during childhood as they feared ocean water.


Since I’m not local, it is good for me to book malaysia car rental online before I even touch down in Senai Airport. But, I managed to convince them later and learnt the technique of diving deep sea with an expert. He taught me how to breathe deep inside the water and release air from my mouth. I learnt the basics in the beginning and eventually advanced to intermediate stage. Over all these months, I wanted to test my skills of diving elsewhere without my instructor.

Eventually, I came over a place named Kota Bharu in Malaysia. It is known worldwide for its beaches and diving spots. I registered myself with the authorities at Kota Bharu as one has to pay certain conservation charges everywhere due to polluting of beaches with plastics and garbage.

Though, the beach at Kota Bharu was quite clean as it was maintained regularly by Malaysian authorities. Upon reaching the beach, I rented some diving equipment from a shop nearby. I was surprised to see quite a number of shops lined together with wide range of diving equipment on rental basis.

Looking for diving spot

Since, I was not aware of exact diving spot so I opted for assistance through the same dive shop where I rented the equipments. They offered me guidance through a trained expert. He took me to a secluded place deep sea and asked me to wear the diving gears. He had his own gear along with him. Though, I saw a group of fisherman nearby. My Malaysian diving instructor dived into the sea first and I followed him afterwards. The water was warm and he instructed me with sign language to follow him. I breathed the air inside my cylinders quite well as it had a smooth flow. The fishes all around were colorful and it really felt great to swim around them. My instructor advised me to dive deeper.

As instructed, I followed his trail until me reached a cave beneath us. I felt quite amazed to see an underwater cave for the first time as it was quite dark beneath us. My instructor switched on his headlight and we went inside the cave. There were several fishes inside as the cave wall had all kinds of sea weeds attached to it.

Though, in the beginning it felt adventurous but afterwards I felt afraid as we were venturing deep inside it. After few moments, he instructed me to swim towards an air pocket where he pulled out his mask. I was surprised to see him breathing as I did the same. I felt goose bumps to imagine that we were breathing hundreds of feet below sea level inside a cave without our equipments. It was one of the most astonishing moments for me. I thanked him from the bottom of my heart and we went back to our boat.

Getting Around Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Tabin Wildlife Reserve is spread over diverse landscape with rainforest all around. Its invigorating nature appeals tourists from far off destinations. I lived my life working on various projects and assignments in Shanghai, China but never found time to spend in an amazing rainforest. Tabin Wildlife Reserve is one of the great reserves for Borneo elephants and Rhinoceros. It has wide variety of species in terms of wildlife and birdlife spread throughout the wildlife reserve. It has won several awards from Malaysian authorities as it has promising creatures such as mammals, insects, lizards etc. In Shanghai, I rarely find time to venture in the zoo or any other wildlife reserve in China.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Various Wildlife Reserves in Malaysia has vast variety of features and species for tourists. Though, I was quite reluctant in the beginning but later I figured out time for vacation. I applied for travel visa and booked my ticket immediately. Since, I didn’t spend a great vacation for last few years so I decided to visit Malaysia in a business class. I relaxed on board and listened to music while traveling to Malaysia. The view was obscured by clouds but I managed to click few photographs from plane.

I landed safely in Kuala Lumpur and caught another flight to Tommanggong Airport. Though, I never heard of Tommanggong Airport but I realized that it was the closest airport to Tabin Wildlife Reserve. The airport is located mere 22 kilometers from Tabin Wildlife Reserve but the terrain is quite rough and steep. So, upon landing in Tommanggong Airport, I decided that it would be best to hire a vehicle compatible with rough terrain of the region. I drove to enjoy the scintillating sun rays and views from nearby towns and villages.

I reached the Tabin Wildlife Reserve on time. Upon registering myself at the reserve, I hiked towards Lipad Mud Volcano. The volcano is considered to be rich with minerals. The observation tower constructed inside the premises of Lipad Mud Volcano serves its purpose as I could observe pygmy elephants and monkey at some distance. The motion of the elephants really astonished me as they walk in herd along with their small ones.


After observing the forest creatures throughout the evening, I drove back to my hotel. The meal was served in my room and I ate it with relaxation. The tv and air con really helped me to unwind. After sleeping for few hours, I went back inside the jungle to watch & observe birds. Birds usually move from one location to another. But, it has been seen that they generally stay near water bodies.

I quickly took out my binocular and observed wide species of bird. Though, as an amateur bird watcher, it was quite difficult to remember their scientific names. Upon seeing any rare bird, I usually click pictures with my high zoom magnifying camera. The camera was quite bulky but it was really worth it as the picture quality of birds was great.